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Cloth Reusable & Polypropylene Semi-Reusable Masks Available

Tripe-Layer Face Masks


The Canadian Shield's Semi-Reusable Face Mask is a breathable, 100% polypropylene face mask made of 3-layers of durable non-woven material which can be washed and reused up to 10 times.

The Canadian Shield’s Semi-Reusable Face Mask features the same great full-coverage design and 100% polypropylene non-woven material as traditional medical-grade masks, but is manufactured with a heavier-weight GSM material.


The Canadian Shield's Reusable Cloth Face Mask is a breathable, washable, 3-layer face mask with superior filtration technology.

Our cloth face masks for adults and kids feature triple-layer protection, including two layers of 100% cotton and an inner layer of non-woven polypropylene composite by Synergex One for added filtration. 


The Canadian Shield - Reusable Face Masks Superior Filtration

Superior Filtration

Our Semi-Reusable Masks feature a PFE and BFE of >98%. Our Cloth Masks feature Synergex One filtration, a new polyproplene composite with a PFE of >90% and BFE of >85%.

Each mask features a breathable filtration system is splash resistant for moisture repellence.

The Canadian Shield - Reusable Face Masks - Customizable Fit

Customizable Fit

The innovative cord-stopper design on our Reusable Cloth Masks and Semi-Reusable masks allows for an adjustable fit behind the back of the head, eliminating strain on ears.

An added nose stiffener ensures full coverage of the nose and mouth. 

The Canadian Shield - Reusable Face Masks - 100% Made in Canada


All of The Canadian Shield's reusable face masks are manufactured in Ontario, Canada with our proprietary automation process to provide the most affordable, high-quality masks for Canadians while creating valuable jobs for our economy.


The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends wearing a 3-layer mask or face covering in public places, especially crowded places, when physical distancing is not possible. 

This includes places such as shopping malls, grocery stores, workplaces and public transit. 

When worn correctly, these masks can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets to others.

The Canadian Shield - Reusable Cloth Masks - Made in Canada

Products are shipped from our facility within 3-5 business days after your order is processed. Orders are usually delivered within 3-10 business days. A tracking number will be provided for all orders once fulfilled by The Canadian Shield's facility in Waterloo, Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadian Shield will not be restocking the Adult Reusable Cloth Mask. As demand for medical-grade face masks in Canada is still strong, The Canadian Shield has made the decision to shift production capacity to producing ASTM complaint Procedural Face Masks and Semi-Reusable Face Masks made of 100% polypropylene at this time.

We greatly appreciate the support from our customers who have ordered Reusable Masks in the past. We will continue to sell Youth Sized Reusable Cloth Masks as long as quantities are available.

The Canadian Shield’s Semi-Reusable Face Masks are made with a heavy-weight GSM (Grams Per Square Metre) of 100% polypropylene non-woven material, allowing it to be reused with proper washing and care. While it is still considered an unrated mask, our Semi-Reusable Face Masks are designed and tested to withstand up to 10 washes in a regular wash cycle.

The Reusable Cloth mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton and an interior layer of Synergex One filtration, allowing it to be washed and reused without limit.

While there is still a significant amount of testing needed to directly compare cotton cloth masks vs. washable polypropylene masks, The Canadian Shield believes that the superior filtration efficiency of non-woven polypropylene material, combined with the added GSM weight makes our Semi-Reusable Face Mask an ideal choice when compared to cotton, polyester or other woven fabric masks.

While The Canadian Shield uses very similar 100% polypropylene non-woven materials for our Semi-Reusable, these Semi-Reusable masks have NOT been tested to meet ASTM F2100-20 requirements for medical-grade masks. It is therefore only considered an unrated mask and should not be used in environments where fluid exposure is of high risk. Furthermore, different variables such as laundry detergent, water temperature, and other factors can affect the filtration efficiency and durability of the mask. The Canadian Shield always recommends following the included washing and care instructions which accompany all Semi-Reusable Masks. For individuals in environments where there is a moderate to high risk of fluid, spray, or aerosols produced, disposable ASTM-rated medical-grade masks are the best line of defense combined with social distancing and other PPE.

The Canadian Shield's Reusable Cloth Masks are not medical-grade and are not recommended for use in high-risk environments such as medical offices or long-term care homes.

Our ASTM certified procedural masks have been developed to meet ASTM standards and offer the highest levels of protection in four areas: fluid resistance, differential pressure, filter efficiency and flammability. For more information on ASTM standards and to shop our full line of medical masks, click here.

To wear your mask, follow these steps:

Insert your head through the bottom portion of elastic, wth the inside of the mask facing up. Next, with one hand holding the outside of the mask, use the other hand to grab the top portion of elastic and pull it over your head. Adjust the cord stopper to create a snug but comfortable fit around your head. Lastly, press the metal stiffener against your nose to create a tight seal around your face.

Our face masks do not have a pocket for a separate filter. We’ve chosen to make our masks with 100% non-woven polypropylene, a high-end interior layer that offers superior protection against airborne pathogens. For this reason, our face masks feature a closed seam around the filter layer and do not include a pouch to insert additional filters.

Yes! Our team would be happy to speak with you about a bulk order inquiry. If you are interested in ordering 100units or more, fill out our bulk order inquiry form.

The Canadian Shield’s Semi-Reusable Face Mask is made up of three layers of heavy-weight 100% non-woven polypropylene. The outer two layers are 50GSM non-woven polypropylene, and the inner filtration layer is 25GSM non-woven polypropylene. 

The head strap on the Semi-Reusable Face Mask is a durable and stretchable elastic cord made of a polyester exterior and rubber inner core. 

The nose bridge on the Semi-Reusable Face Mask is made of a thin wire of steel coated in plastic.

The Canadian Shield recommends our Semi-Reusable Face Mask is washed and reused up to 10 times using a normal wash cycle.

• Hand or machine-wash - gentle settings are recommended for machine washing
• Hang or lay flat to dry, do not tumble dry
• Do not iron
• Ensure the mask is completely dry before storing and store in a clean bag or container between uses.

The entirety of your mask, include the head strap, are designed to be washed between use. Hand or machine wash your mask with COLD water after each wear. Our masks are made with 100% cotton for comfort and breathability, but will shrink if washed with warm/hot water.  Tumble dry on low or hang mask to dry. The choice of whether to iron your cloth mask is up to your discretion.

As long as your mask is hand or machine washed with soap, your mask is safe to wear after washing with cold water.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, wearing a mask is recommended in scenarios where it is not possible to consistently maintain a 2-metre physical distance from others, particularly in crowded spaces such as stores, shopping malls and public spaces. In some public jurisdictions, the use of masks in indoor spaces is now mandatory. 

When worn properly, a person wearing a mask or face covering can reduce the spread of his or her own infectious respiratory droplets. Face masks are most effective in reducing the spread of illness when used widely by people in public settings. 

Please note that face masks are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment and that this mask is not intended to replace other recommended measures to prevent the community spread of illness. Non-medical face coverings are an additional step to help slow the spread when combined with every day preventive actions, including frequent hand washing and physical distancing in public settings.