High quality PPE manufacturing processes

ISO 13485
The Canadian Shield is currently pursuing ISO 13485 certification to demonstrate our ability to provide medical devices that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. Within our inspected facility, our internal audit team performs regular checks for compliance with ISO to ensure uniform quality standards across departments. 

Innovation in Quality Control
The Canadian Shield utilizes state-of-the-art machine vision and AI technology in the manufacturing process. Using unique algorithms, our team is able to standardize quality control and ensure consistent output standards in our products.

Six Sigma Green Belt
In addition to implementing LEAN methodologies, The Canadian Shield management team is Six Sigma Green Belt certified. Across our organization, we’re committed to identifying opportunities for continuous quality improvements to better serve our customers.

In-House Testing Capabilities 
The Canadian Shield is proud to have in-house testing capabilities for particle filtration efficiency, allowing our team to perform frequent incoming inventory control audits as well as spot tests as products come off of the line.

The Canadian Shield Member of ASTM International


As an ASTM Organizational Member, The Canadian Shield manufacturers medical masks that not only meet but exceed ASTM standards for the highest levels of protection in four areas: fluid resistance, differential pressure, filter efficiency and flammability.

Working closely with an FDA certified testing laboratory, our materials are tested to ensure compliance with ASTM standards in addition to frequent, in-house PFE testing as products come off the line.

Our Supplier Commitment

The Canadian Shield is pleased to work with a number of reliable global suppliers, many of which are located in North America. As part of our commitment to quality, our audit team has strict procedures in place to evaluate and approve outsourced manufacturing vendors as well as rigorous incoming quality testing for materials. Every batch of outsourced material is extensively tested before utilization in our production line. In addition to our testing procedures, The Canadian Shield also facilitates periodic audits for vendor compliance. As part of these audits, each of our suppliers is evaluated for adherence to responsible business practices including (but not limited to) ethical, social, environmental and health and safety responsibilities.