The Canadian Shield Price Guarantee Policy

As the market for personal protective equipment and rapid tests in Canada fluctuates, The Canadian Shield remains committed to offering reliable products at affordable prices. Should our own prices be reduced, you can request a price guarantee within 15 calendar days of purchase. For eligible orders, The Canadian Shield will match the reduced price on your order and refund you the difference.

To request a price guarantee, please contact our Customer Support team using this form. All price adjustments will be credited to the original payment method. Alternatively, the value of a price adjustment may also be refunded in the form of a credit for future online purchases.

After submitting your request, our Customer Support team will process all eligible Price Guarantee credits within 3-5 business days. The original date of your order and submission of the Price Guarantee request will be used to determine the Price Guarantee eligibility.

Please note, The Canadian Shield is not currently offering a price match guarantee for third-party retailers. The Canadian Shield Price Guarantee is only applicable for products found on and will only be honoured within 15 days from the original purchase date.

Process of honouring a Price Guarantee:

Option 1: Refund to payment method

  1. Customer submits the “Customer Support” form and selects ‘Order Modification’ as the category 
  2. If customer calls or inquiries about online prices being reduced, they are to be directed to fill out Customer Support form on website
  3. Once an Order Modification request has been received, the Customer Support Specialist will determine the eligibility of the request. If the request is determined to be legitimate, the Customer Support specialist will proceed with modifying the order and honouring the Price Guarantee.
  4. The ‘Refund’ function on Shopify will be used to credit back the difference in price to the customer. Rather than refunding back a specific quantity of product, the manual ‘Refund Amount’ option will need to be used.
  5. The credit amount will need to be determined based on the price the customer originally paid for the product and the current price. Enter this difference amount, PLUS all applicable taxes. (note taxes are different for each province), into the ‘Refund Amount’ box.
  6. The ‘Reason for Refund’ box should be populated with ‘Price Guarantee’
  7. Lastly, confirm the refund.


  • Once the refund is issues, the customer will receive an email notification immediately
  • It may take 3-5 business days for the refund to show up on the customer’s account

Option 2: Credit as a gift card

  1. If the customer chooses to have their difference returned in the form of a store credit, the Customer Support Specialist will use the Shopify ‘Gift Card’ option to issue the customer a gift card. 
  2. Under the ‘Products’ section in Shopify, navigate to ‘Gift Cards’ and choose ‘Send Gift Card’. Enter the gift card amount and select the customer name on file from the original order. The gift card should NOT have an expiry date. 
  3. Be sure to add a comment in the ‘Notes’ section indicating the reason for the gift card as ‘Price Guarantee’. 
  4. To issue the gift card to the customer, hit ‘Save’.


  • The customer will receive an email notification immediately once the gift card is issued
  • They will be able to use the gift card by following the store link in the email or using the associated coupon code