A professional interacting with another person while wearing proper PPE from The Canadian Shield, including a disposable mask and a face shield.


Health Canada Licensed Manufacturer

Class 1 Medical Device - MDEL 11655 (Company ID 151799)

The Canadian Shield

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The Canadian Shield is 100% designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada. We proudly source our manufacturing materials from Canadian suppliers.


Our engineering team work closely with local doctors and nurses to create a user-friendly design, optimized for use in hospitals and by healthcare providers.


The Canadian Shield is designed to be reusable and recyclable. The Shield is made of material that can be properly disinfected and sanitized, making it a cost-effective solution.

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Image of a dentist working with a patient while wearing full PPE from The Canadian Shield, including a Level 3 procedural mask and a face shield.
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The reusable nature of your face shields is what sets them apart. We’ve been cleaning centrally now for weeks and they seem to be holding up well. Far better sustainable solution than a single use item. Thanks for your ingenuity and helping keep us all safe.

Michael Garron Hospital

Thank you InkSmith for providing Canadian Shields for our Long Term Care home. At a time when PPE is at a premium, you stepped in with a fast solution. When we are fighting a battle on so many fronts, any and all reinforcements are greatly appreciated.


Thank you, I work at Grand River Hospital as a Medical Radiation Technologist. I have one of your shields and I appreciate the work you put into it and getting it those of us working on the front-lines!

Christy Calhoun

Thank you so much for sending the shields to my office. I work with elderly people that struggle to read my lips when I am performing hearing tests. This is awesome. Great work.

Jo-Anne Kropf

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