Distribution Inquiries

The Canadian Shield Distribution Network

With a matchless domestic supply chain and proven product quality, learn how The Canadian Shield’s Distribution Network can empower your organization to make Canadian-made PPE products accessible nationally as an authorized distributor.

Supplying Protection

The Canadian Shield is one of Canada’s largest PPE manufacturers. Our reliable production capacity allows you to source quality products with increased confidence, reducing costs and uncertainty surrounding stock.

By joining the network, some of the benefits you’ll gain access to include:

  • Availability of and predictability in PPE stock
  • Efficient supply chain, rooted in North America soil
  • Superior PPE products backed by rigorous testing and impressive quality standards 
  • Award-winning brand name, trusted by Canadian medical experts 

Distributor Requirements

  • Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL)
  • Recall Policy
  • Complaint Handling Procedure
  • Distribution Records and Traceability Procedure
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001 or a proven Quality Management System
  • Material Handling/Preservation of Product Procedure