Update on Online Orders & Response Times (December 23, 2021)

Important information regarding online orders:

We recognize that these are extremely stressful times for Canadians.

With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, we are experiencing extremely high demand. We are working hard to fulfil all orders as soon as possible. We've expanded our shipping team and developed new processes in an effort to meet this demand.


We are currently also experiencing an extremely high volume of inquiries. Before submitting a support ticket, please review the resources below. They may help provide insight and resolution for your issue. 

Please do not submit more than one support ticket for the same issue - rest assured we've received your request. We're working to resolve your issue as fast as we can.

Order Status Updates: 

Updates about your order:

Our team is working overtime to get out all orders as soon as possible. At this time, we are unable to guarantee any delivery dates before Christmas. Express orders are prioritized and if your order is not fulfilled yet, it will be very soon. Please understand that the shipping ETA at checkout *does not* include the actual fulfillment time for the order.

Due to a high volume of requests, we are unable to provide any order updates beyond what’s shown on your order status page or the tracking number page. 

Tracking Info Says ‘Label Created’:

It takes a bit of time once the label is created to have the order fulfilled, UPS to pick it up, them to scan the label, and the tracking number to update. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to update. At this time due to high volume, we are unable to provide order updates beyond what is shown on your order status page and on your Canada Post or UPS tracking number.

Package not delivered or severe weather delays:

Please reach out to UPS or Canada Post directly to track down your shipment. We as the retailer cannot reach out to the courier on your behalf, nor can we provide you with any other information other than what’s shown on your tracking number. 

Order Cancellations & Modifications:

Order Cancellations:

Customers can now complete order cancellations themselves (only if your order has not been fulfilled OR shipped). To do this, please locate your order confirmation email.  Click the "View your order" or "View or cancel your order" button. You will be redirected to a page where you can cancel your order automatically. You will receive a confirmation email about the cancellation and refund. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to process on your credit card. 

Due to a high volume of requests, if you submit an order cancellation through this customer support ticket portal, we may be unable to process it in time before your order is fulfilled and shipped out. Use the method above to initiate the cancellation yourself. Please understand that as per our Ecommerce Order Agreement Terms and Conditions, and listed throughout the site, all orders of medical devices are final sale. 

Order modifications:

Due to a high volume of orders and inquiries, we are unable to complete order modifications of any kind. This includes changing the shipping method, adding products onto your order, or changing quantities. 

Address Updates: 

If you have entered your address incorrectly, locate your order confirmation email. Scroll to the bottom and click the 'Update Address' button. Please note, if your order has already shipped, you will be unable to update your address and you must contact UPS to reroute the shipment (additional fees will apply). 

Product Returns, Out Of Stock, & Pre-Orders:

Product Returns:

Due to the nature of the product, all orders on our website are *final sale*. This policy is listed throughout the website as well as in the terms and conditions at checkout.

Given the extreme demand for rapid tests and limited supply currently, we hope that you are still able to make use of these tests. If not, we suggest giving them to a friend or family member as these tests are an extremely valuable commodity during this time. 

Product 'out-of-stock' after I ordered: 

If your order was submitted prior to the out-of-stock notification going up on our website, your order is in the queue to be fulfilled. We will be in contact if there are any issues, or if we cannot fulfil your order for any reason. 

When will pre-orders ship?

Pre-orders will begin shipping in mid-January, once the item is back in stock. Due to lack of stock, we are unable to send out pre-orders before this point. If you have made a purchase in error, or not realized your purchase was for a pre-order, and would like to cancel your order, please DO NOT submit a customer support ticket. Instead, please refer to the Order Cancellations section above and follow the instructions to cancel your order. 

Product questions:

How do the rapid tests work? How effective are they? Do they detect the Omicron variant? For all product-related questions, please visit our product FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Local Pickup No Longer Available:

Due to extreme demand, we are no longer able to accommodate local pickups of any kind. If you have an outstanding local pickup order, you are unaffected by this change and can still come pick up your order. 

Please carefully review your order prior to completing your purchase as changing your order is not an option at this time. 

** SHIPPING NOTE: With the influx of orders, you may experience shipping delays with UPS. We encourage you to continue to check in with your tracking number. If your package is lost, stolen or damaged please file a claim with UPS and let us know.

 Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM EST - CLOSED Friday, December 24th - Monday January 3rd. 

We appreciate your patience as we are dealing with a significant demand for rapid tests and an extremely large volume of customer support tickets. 

We sincerely thank you for trusting us with your order of rapid tests. Over the past weeks we’ve scaled our fulfillment capacity from 200 orders a day to more than 10,000/day to serve Canadians. When national inventory for rapid test inventory stabilizes, we are well positioned to get ahead of all backorders quickly to offer fast delivery times for people that need it.