How to Adjust Face Mask Earloops

how to adjust face mask earloops


At The Canadian Shield, each of our procedural masks are manufactured with one standard size of earloops. Although we have standardized our face masks for universal wear, we understand that one size of earloops doesn't always yield a snug, comfortable fit on all individuals. 

To ensure that your procedural mask fits securely to your face, we have compiled some of our favourite tips to help you avoid gapping while wearing your mask.

Option 1: Shorten Earloops 

Step 1: Start by making a small knot at the end of each earloop.
Step 2: Don the mask as normal and adjust the earloops as needed.

Watch Video Tutorial: 

Option 2: Improve Your Mask Seal

Step 1: Start by folding your mask in half. You'll want to knot the earloop as close to the mask body as possible. 
Step 2: Tuck in the mask's side pleats under the knot to close any gaps. 
Step 3: Don the mask as normal. Adjust the earloops and side pleats as needed. 

Watch Video Tutorial: