Introducing the Vizor: A Canadian PPE Innovation

The Canadian Shield Vizor - Add-On Eye Shield for Face Masks

The Vizor is a unique PPE solution that attaches to any traditional face mask - offering a compact and lightweight additional layer of protection in an accessible and recyclable format.

WATERLOO, ON | May 26, 2021 — The Canadian Shield, a Waterloo Region-based medical device manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new proprietary PPE solution to their product line. The new attachable eye shield, called the Vizor, is a patent pending piece of PPE designed to be a simple, affordable, and practical solution for personal protection on Canada’s frontline.

Made of 100% recyclable plastic, the Vizor aims to improve patient and worker safety in healthcare settings by offering an easily accessible additional barrier of protection. The Vizor, which comes flat-packed for easy storage and distribution, attaches to almost any face mask in seconds. This simple, innovative design alleviates a number of issues for frontline workers. Mainly, reduced availability of traditional combination masks, and limited space for storage and distribution of PPE.

The Canadian Shield Vizor - Add-On Eye Shield for Face Masks

Available in compact, flat-packed packages of 50, a full box of Vizors takes up no more space than a traditional textbook. With limited storage space in hospitals, and PPE carts packed to the brim, the Vizor’s slim profile takes a fraction of the space compared to 50 face shields or goggles.

The Vizor is also an extremely cost-effective and practical solution for many hospitals and healthcare providers. When combined with an existing stock of face masks, the Vizor works out to be more cost-effective than traditional combination masks while also eliminating the need to carry an additional product variation. Plus, the ability to separate the Vizor from the mask body means that the Vizor can be fully recycled, helping to reduce the costs associated with healthcare waste removal.

The Canadian Shield Vizor

“We’re an innovative company that can quickly bring new products and manufacturing processes to life,” says Jeremy Hedges, CEO and Founder of the Canadian Shield. “Making environmentally friendly products is core to our mission and we have many other exciting announcements in the near future.”

The Vizor is a direct result of The Canadian Shield’s heavy investment in manufacturing and automation over the past year. The company’s commitment to building the Canadian medical device and PPE industry from the ground up has resulted in its development of their Made-in-Canada medical mask manufacturing automation lines and machine vision systems equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology capabilities, which have driven their cost-competitiveness and capabilities.

With innovation at its forefront, The Canadian Shield will continue to innovate and play a strategic role in building a sustainable medical device manufacturing industry in Canada.

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The Canadian Shield Vizor - Add-On Eye Shield for Face Masks


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