InkSmith shipping 10,000 face shields to Ontario Health

The following is an excerpt from a KitchernerToday written by  Ariel Deutschmann on April 6, 2020.

A panoramic photo of an order of face shields from InkSmith. 

Kitchener tech company, InkSmith, is sending 10,000 face-shields to Ontario Health to support frontline healthcare workers.

The face shields, which have been coined 'The Canadian Shield', will be shipped to hospitals across the province to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Jessica Braun, Marketing Manager at InkSmith, says this order is only a small portion of the overall order to Ontario Health.

In an email, Braun says their team opted to implement a batch delivery system to Ontario Health in order to get the shield into 'the hands of frontline healthcare workers as soon as possible.'

Braun goes on to say the entire order took less than a day to be produced from their production facility in Kitchener.

Currently, InkSmith's team has mobilized into the morning, afternoon, and evening shifts to meet the demand for PPE face shields.

The company says they plan to scale up machines, facilities, and workforce to produce as many shields as possible.