The COVID-19 pandemic exposed glaring flaws in Canada’s PPE supply chain. Shortages of crucial equipment and material led to skyrocketing prices and unprecedented levels of stress on Canadian healthcare facilities. 

Responsible for the care of Canada’s most vulnerable, many of these facilities were left behind; struggling to find the products required to protect those on the front lines and unable to afford rising prices. We’re making sure that never happens again. 

At The Canadian Shield, we’re on a mission to make domestically-sourced, high quality personal protective equipment available to all Canadians – regardless of market conditions.

Our PPE Subscription Service is part of the solution.

By securing one of limited spots in our program, you'll experience:

• A guaranteed allotment of Canadian-made PPE at a stable price
• High quality, ASTM compliant PPE products to keep your staff safe
• A customized PPE plan designed to meet your unique needs
• Stress-free ordering process with no more PPE shortages, low quality imports or fluctuating prices


Customize your PPE Plan.

Our PPE Specialists will help you customize a plan. We’ll chat about the volumes you require, your PPE budget, and the delivery schedule that suits your unique needs.

Have PPE delivered to your doorstep.

Our subscription service is set-and-forget. Forget monthly phone calls, emails, and forms. Our shipments will show up right on time, every time.

Experience peace of mind.

Rest assured knowing that you’ve protected your employees and regained control of your operating budget.


The Canadian Shield’s PPE Subscription Service aims to eliminate the problem of PPE shortages across Canada.  

Subscribers are guaranteed an allotment of Canadian-made PPE at a stable price — meaning your staff will never go without the personal protective equipment they need. As one of Canada’s largest PPE manufacturers, The Canadian Shield has the production capacity, domestic supply chain, and proven quality necessary to keep your employees safe. Our PPE Specialists will help you build a customized PPE Plan based on your unique needs, securing ASTM compliant products that can be delivered on a timeline that works for you — whether monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Say goodbye to PPE shortages, low quality imports and fluctuating prices. You’ll lock in guaranteed stock at today’s price and our Canadian-made PPE products will arrive on your doorstep, right when you need them.

Unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented solutions.



If you have a question about our PPE Subscription Service, our team is here to help! Connect with a specialist by clicking here.

Will it fit in my budget?
By joining our PPE Subscription Service, you’ll lock in at today’s PPE prices for wholesale orders. Your facility will be able to forecast your monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual PPE spend and avoid rising prices from domestic and global suppliers. 

When will I be charged?
You will be invoiced for your PPE products when your shipment leaves our facility in Waterloo, ON. 

Can I change the volume of PPE I require? 
You can contact your PPE Specialist 30 days prior to your next scheduled PPE delivery to increase or decrease your PPE volume by 10%.

Am I able to cancel?
We understand that circumstances change. You can cancel or pause your plan at any time, with 30 days notice before your next scheduled shipment.

Is the PPE Subscription Service available to consumers?
At this time, our PPE Subscription Service is designed for businesses or organizations sourcing large quantities of personal protective equipment on a monthly or quarterly basis.

*30 days notice is required for any subscription cancellations. Subscription volumes can be increased or decreased by 10% 30 days before your delivery is scheduled to ship.