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PPE for retail and commercial business

Face shields are available in small and large quantities.

PPE for Commercial Industries

Since businesses across the province began to prepare for re-opening their doors, we've been helping to ensure the safety of commercial and retail workers. Business owners rely on the Canadian Shield to help them take the proper precautions to ensure that their employees and customers are adequately protected. 

Safeguard your employees and customers by providing proper PPE as a final measure of protection against COVID-19.

Note: PPE should not be used in replacement of the recommended best practices, including but not limited to proper hand hygiene, physical distancing and sanitization.



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Products for retail and commercial workers

Face Shields

Reusable, Affordable, Maximum Coverage, Compatible with other PPE, & Adjustable.

HEALTH CANADA LICENSED MANUFACTURER Class 1 Medical Device - MDEL 11655 (Company ID 151799)

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Disposable masks

Comfortable, Breathable, Tight Seal, Maximum Protection, & Latex Free.

Masks meet ASTM Level 1 & 2 Requirements and Performance Criteria for ASTM F2100-11

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Bulk Orders

The Canadian Shield comes in quantities of up to 1000. Need more? Place a custom order.

If you're purchasing for a larger organization, we offer bespoke purchasing solutions. Fill in a simple form, and our team will be in touch.

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The Canadian Shield comes in small quantities of up to 1,000 Shields. Order online through our website store and we'll get your order shipped out right away!

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Custom orders for large quantities

If you're purchasing for a larger organization and need quantities of more than 1,000, just fill in a simple form and we'll get in touch to create a bespoke order that works for you.

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