Mission & Vision

The Canadian Shield is a simple yet innovative, made-in-Canada solution to the global PPE shortage. Our guiding mission is keeping North American workers safe by ensuring they have access to proper Personal Protective Equipment, while bringing PPE manufacturing back to Canada and reducing reliance on global supply chains.

We want to help build a North American health sector that’s prepared for the next global health crisis.

Our Values

Canadian production

At The Canadian Shield, we’re proud of our ability to produce quality Personal Protective Equipment right here in Canada.

North American Suppliers

We are lucky to work exclusively with North American suppliers. We ensure that all of our products are made with materials sourced domestically.

the canadian shield hiring

Canadian Workers

Quality jobs in the service of the greater good is a guiding principle here at The Canadian Shield. Our products are made by Canadians, for the world.

We’re on a mission...

To meet the demand for PPE across North America.