Face Shield Canada: The Canadian Shield


The Canadian Shield is a clear plastic face shield that protects frontline workers from exposure to hazardous droplets, including coronavirus, by providing coverage from ear-to-ear and hairline to neck. The Canadian Shield is currently accepting online orders in quantities of 5, 20, 100, 200 and 1000 units, as well as bulk order inquiries for orders larger than 1000 units.

PPE Face Shield Features 

The engineering team at The Canadian Shield worked with local doctors and nurses to create a face shield design that is licensed by Health Canada. Our medical grade PPE face shield also has the following user-friendly features:

∙ Reusable: The Canadian Shield can be reused 15+ times when cleaned usingchemical sanitation. Each shield comes with instructions for users to follow Public Health guidelines for sanitation and reuse.

∙ Affordable: The Canadian Shield is an affordable PPE option when compared to other disposable shields.

∙ Full Coverage: The Canadian Shield exceeds the facial coverage of disposable PPE face shield equivalents.

Compatible with other PPE: The Canadian Shield has been thoroughly tested to work comfortably with other equipment including N95 masks, surgical masks and safety goggles. 

∙ Adjustable: The Canadian Shield's adjustable, red rubber head strap ensures a snug and secure fit. 

Ordering PPE Face Shields in Canada 

The Canadian Shield Story

The founder and CEO of InkSmith, Jeremy Hedges, had been following the COVID-19 pandemic since late January 2020. Soon after the virus made its way to Canada, it became clear that there would be a domestic shortage of PPE for frontline workers at hospitals, healthcare facilities and beyond. 

InkSmith quickly discovered they were in a position to retool their existing infrastructure to manufacture PPE face shields in Canada. Within hours, InkSmith pivoted from selling 3D printers and lasers to school boards to using 3D printers and laser cutters to manufacture face shields. 

InkSmith began with the launch of "The Community Shield", a 3D printed mask tested and approved by local doctors. Soon after, the team called on Waterloo Region's maker community to support in producing the 3D printed shields to get PPE into undersupplied hospitals, faster. As the need for personal protective equipment in Canada evolved, the team recognized that the demand was greater than their fleet of 3D printers could handle.

They went back to the drawing board, and The Canadian Shield was created. The Canadian Shield is a laser cut version of a PPE face shield, eliminating the need for time consuming printing. This laser cut version of the shield is made entirely out of thin plastic, making it disinfectable and therefore reusable. 

The Canadian Shield has been licensed by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical Device.

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