BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2
BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2

BioMask™ Procedural Masks - ASTM Level 2

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BioMask™ Procedural Mask - ASTM Level 2 (50/Box)

The Canadian Shield’s BioMask™ is a biodegradable* medical-grade procedural face mask that can break down in the landfill.

The BioMask aims to offer an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable medical-grade face masks, thereby helping to reduce the massive environmental footprint left behind by medical PPE waste.

The BioMask has also been tested to comply with ASTM F2100-20 requirements for medical-grade face masks.


  • Same Form, Same Function: The BioMask™ provides the same coverage, form, and function as traditional face masks, but in a biodegradable* format.
  • Full Coverage: Our pleated design offers full coverage of the nose and mouth. Added nose stiffener offers a tight seal to minimize gaps.
  • No Special Processing: The BioMask   is disposed of the same way as traditional face masks. The biodegradation* process takes place when the BioMask   reaches the landfill.
  • Complies with ASTM F2100-20 Level 2 requirements


The BioMask proprietary blend of nonwoven biodegradable material is made by incorporating an additive during the manufacturing process. Once in the landfill, the BioMaskTM is exposed to microbes and enzymes which begin to eat away at the treated plastic.


  • The BioMask is made with latex-free, fibreglass-free, and graphene-free materials
  • Earloops are made of 70% polyester and 30% spandex
  • Nosebridge is made of plastic-coated steel
  • Biodegradation testing performed on the nonwoven mask body does not include the nosebridge or earloops

    * Biodegradation rates of the BioMask™ nonwoven material measured according to the ASTM D5511-18 standard. The BioMask™, excluding the earloops and nosebridge, has been tested to biodegrade 6.5% in 45 days. The biodegradation rates may change based on the landfill conditions present.


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